Step 13: Happy SPOT

Day 5: Gr-Attitude Challenge – Happy SPOT

Spotlight is a local department store in Australia that has everything I want and need to be happy in life (that’s an exaggeration but you get how I feel, right?! next on the list would be K-mart) – scented candles, throw pillows, artwork, crafts and materials, buttons, beads, textile, stickers, pens and ¬†markers, and the cutest household items. If you leave me there for a day, I’ll be fine and will probably ask if I can come back the next. Checking their stuff out and imagining what I can do with them is both relaxing and exciting for me. I don’t know how one thing can do both for you but it can.

image1 (2)Although, I did not end up buying anything, at one point I had an Ocean Breeze candle on hand, then some stickers, and lastly a feather designed throw pillow for my couch. I have a commitment not to shop ’til Christmas which I so wanted to break. If I had my way, I would have taken home a yellow elephant figurine, a new pot for my new baby plant, a set of tropical printed bed sheets and a frame with a zebra in a buzzing city (i don’t know why.. maybe I’m the zebra?). I tell you, I can go nuts in there! One day, I swear!

My short but fun trip to Spotlight today is what I am grateful for. For starters, I found my first spot in Australia – the place I can run to, unwind, breathe and restart on a not so pleasant day!!! Ten minutes in there would be healing. beautifulAlso, I realised I have self-control after all (Yey!! to me). I am in charge of my choices and can follow-thru on my commitments. But mostly, I am grateful because Spotlight reminded me that if you just choose it, happiness is free and available. Find it – what makes you happy, what connects you to the real you. Find it, focus on it and make it a part of your everyday life. If it brings you joy, it is not a waste of time at all! God created us specifically for His purpose. He is the One who plants the dreams and desires in our lives. Don’t you think He wired us so our passions align with that plan? The closer you are to the things that set your heart ablaze, the closer you are to God’s heart for you. As long as it’s a good thing, always choose what brings you joy.


Today, I am grateful for the joy of Spotlight.



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