Step 12: Commit to Cultivate

Day 4: Gr-Attitude Challenge – Commit to Cultivate

A few years ago, when my family and I moved to a new home, I found out something unexpected about myself – I enjoy gardening. I don’t exactly prefer the kitchen or household chores; but, I do love getting down and dirty in the outdoors, digging and trimming and planting and watering. Back then, I gave myself the role of assisting my mom in picking out the plants to decorate our home and placing them in the different spots where their individual beauty will blend in and at the same time cause them to stand out. One day, I went so far as to get some cuttings of a really pretty peach Gumamela plant in the parking lot of a clinic I visited.

Right now, living in an apartment, I don’t exactly have a lot of space to till the soil so I decided to start caring for indoor, potted plants. Today, I picked up a new baby and I love it! Cultivating the little greens and seeing them grow into beautiful mamas is a joy.

babyrosyHaving plants around your home does wonders to the way it looks and feels. It not only cleans the air you breathe but also adds so much colour to the space – it literally brings LIFE!

Consider the development of plants – a little attention, a little watering, a little grooming on a daily basis is really all it takes to make sure it grows healthy and strong. Show it some love and encourage it with some nice words and it will bloom and blossom for you, showing off just how wonderful their natural self can be. Stay committed to caring for it and you will reap the fruits of your labour. Isn’t this the way we want to be cared for as people too? In’t this how we should be caring for the people around us as well?

Amazing how God works to use these little wonders to show us great things. I am thankful for these creatures that reminds me of how simple it really should be to cultivate the things in your life that are important to you. It doesn’t take too much. A little a day is a lot when added up to a lifetime.

Thankful for my little one 🙂

Next blessing please!!!



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