Step 11: Special Gifts

I skipped a day, but will go on…

Day 3: Gr-Attitude Challenge – Special Needs

Today, I had the opportunity of being around children with a variety of special needs in different levels. Honestly, the more I work with them, the more my eyes are opened. They are truly such a joy to be around. Watching them play, interact with their peers and accomplish tasks in their own unique way is so amusing. They are such remarkable creatures and bring joy to the lives of people around them without even trying too hard. They are the epitome of genuineness. Each and every day may reflect a different version of the same person but only because they wont change who they are for anyone. “This is me – I may get in trouble, but take it or leave it.” They are simply themselves – beautiful creatures indeed. Truth: The more you embrace who you are – the beautiful and the ugly – the more people around you will learn to embrace your entirety as well. The right people with the right hearts will love you and accept you and enjoy you as a person.

A lot of things dawned on me while being surrounded by these precious gifts. For starters, their presence alone warrants gratefulness. The life that we were gifted with we take for granted most of the time not considering the challenges these children have to face from day 1 on this Earth. Special children have to deal with different physical impairments that may cause them pain. Controlling their emotions and feelings also is such a challenge and they can get themselves into different kinds of trouble due to them. Not that I am limiting them, but the reality is not all of them have the future we look forward too; and actually, some of them don’t even live a long life. I sometimes wonder, how do they truly feel about their situation? How difficult could it be for them? Still, despite anything, they are able to enjoy themselves with the little things in life.

Today, I am thankful for the life that I have – the fact that I have all my functions. Some may need fine-tuning but all present. I am so grateful for the children I am able to work with as well. Special children can bring joy and laughter back into lives. Their existence is a blessing.

Next Blessing Coming Up!!!



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