Step 10: Third Drive’s The Charm

Day 2 – Driver’s License!!!

Too funny to even think – after two previous attempts, the day I was so sure I would have failed my test by screwing up right at the start, I passed and got my driver’s license. So thankful for it I cannot explain! My heart is happy. At first, I thought about it and wanted to speculate (over-thinker mode) but I decided – No theories!! Just be grateful!

A license might be a small thing to some but not at all to me. Driving myself around when I was back home felt like therapy. When times were stressful or challenging, I would get behind the wheel and go anywhere just to get a breather. I never felt trapped – I had the freedom to choose where I wanted to be when I wanted to be there and vice-versa. My first few months in Melbourne was such a big adjustment for a number of reasons but definitely including this. I felt immobile many times – fully dependent on another person to get to places. It shouldn’t be because there is public transport – but, truth is, I just miss doing my own thing. Now, I feel a kind of freedom I’m very much familiar with and I can honestly apply to all aspects of my life. My destination is my choice. The path is set out for you – now, there is more than one way and some will take longer than others – but if you stick to the course you’ll get there. Right on time, all the time!

To decide what is right for me, I have been trying to get answers from everywhere except within – how I should handle situations, what I’m allowed and not allowed to say or do, and to some extent even who I should be as a person. I stuck to things that didn’t feel right and made me unhappier. Follow your heart might not always be right, so no, I don’t advice that. My advice, honestly consider the things you allow to continue. It’s your life and no one has a right to it if you don’t allow it. Whatever it may be, if it doesn’t give you joy and robs you of your peace, let it go. Stick to the things that bless your heart so you can pay that blessing forward. Let your peace guide you. If you take the time to feel, even when circumstances are tough, being in the right place will give you the strength to persevere.

Today, I am thankful. My driver’s license reminded me that I ultimately decide where I go from here.

Psalm 46:5, “God is within her, she will not fall.”

More Blessings PLEASE!!


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